A New Start…

I originally started this site about two years ago, but, frankly, never really got off the ground. I found WordPress to be initially cumbersome and very user “unfriendly”, especially after using Blogger for years for an unrelated hobby, rather than as a work-related site, which is my intention here.

Regardless, I intend to upgrade the look of this site in the near future, but, at any rate, let me begin anew.

I am a high school physics and astronomy teacher in Southern California with over 20 years experience. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in astronomy and physics from the University of Arizona, and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in physics from UCLA.

I am a National Board Certified Teacher, and have been since 2000, my first year of eligibility. I renewed my certification in 2010, and I will do so again in 2020. In 2008, I was the recipient of the Petrick Award, which is awarded to outstanding teachers in my school district.

Currently, I teach AP Physics C, Honors Physics AB, and Physics AB. I also administer Astronomy AB, which is an independent study course, and, in the past, I have taught Integrated Coordinated Science AB and an Earth science class called Physical Geology AB.

AP Physics C covers classical mechanics and electromagnetism and is a rigorous, quantitative , Calculus-based introduction to physics.  Honors Physics AB is a less strenuous, though still rigorous, Calculus-based introduction to quantitative physics, as well, but has a different curriculum than AP Physics C. Physics AB is similar to Honors Physics AB, but is algebra-based and the rigor is toned down.

Regardless, the focus of all of my courses is the development of critical thinking skills through problem solving, and to introduce the student to the scientific method through numerous laboratory experiments.

I’ve spent a great deal of effort developing rigorous curricula for all of my courses. With that in mind, I am offering my expertise to the physical science education community through my small, web-based store at Teachers Pay Teachers. Currently, I have over thirty products for sale for a small fee, and I’ve many more in development. Please fee free to browse my current line of products. Thank you.

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